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Supplier Lists

For your reference you can download a list of EDI capable suppliers.

PacStream can deliver orders to a broad range of other suppliers. These orders are delivered as text emails. If you want to take advantage of this, download the full PacStream supplier list and load the relevant supplier SANs into your inventory system.

Compatible Bookshop Systems

If you are interested in electronic ordering but do not yet have a compatible POS system, PacStream functionality is built into bookseller POS systems from the following suppliers:

Barcode Solutions
Barcode Solutions Barcode Solutions Pty Limited is an Australian software company with 18 years of innovation, serving over 300 clients in Australia and New Zealand, since 1987.
Circle Software
Circle Software Circle produces a complete Point of Sale, stock management and online sale solution for booksellers. It is ideal for bricks and mortar stores that want to be online, but don’t want the hassle of managing a website and the shop floor independently.
Computerlink Australia
Computerlink Australia Founded in 1979, Computerlink develops comprehensive and innovative Windows-based software for the retail environment.
Ecco Software
EccoSoftware Ecco Software Ecco Software believes that any business process which can be documented - can be automated. This is why we are in the business of delivering advanced information technology to achieve our clients’ varied and demanding operating objectives. mBiblioFile is designed to address all the functions a bookseller needs; from POS to a fully functional accounting module to back office functions, including automating order delivery, inventory management and reporting. mBiblioFile is everything the bookseller should expect from their computer system.
InfoMining BookMine for Booksellers/Distributors: everything you require in a single package. InfoMining is the developer of BookMine, the only software required to run your book business in the Internet age, from the Point of Sale in your busy shop to managing your mail order and e-Commerce operations.
You owe it to your business to ensure that you have the best tools available today to thrive in the future.
POS Solutions
POS Solutions Discover and experience the powerful features that our point of sale has to offer. When it comes to Retail software we have been around for 30 years and are still one of the market leaders in the field. Our flagship software is PosBrowser. An all in one retail package that handles automatic invoicing, discounting, MYOB integration, promotional packages, deliveries, automatic ordering, VIP loyalty program, security and much more. Our point of sale system is total management. A system that you can use to manage and maintain every part of your business from register to back office. It's the point of sale system that makes it easier for you to track the performance of your stock, your money, your staff and your customers. Our large programming team is constantly adapting to new challenges and always looking for more. Compare any system against our point of sale system and see why it is the master of point of sale systems.
Tower Systems
TowerSystems Tower Systems supplies software to newsagents, stationery retailers, gift shops and other retailers. Since formation in 1981, the company has grown to serve in excess of 2,500 small business retailers around Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the Cook Islands. The company has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland and employs a team of 50 IT professionals.
UniLink With installations in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, UniLink's software products have become the standard management choice for academic and government booksellers. The latest 'best practice' versions of BookNet and BookWeb have now been released for retail booksellers.
Being Windows based and using TCP/IP, the Internet protocol, these products introduce a whole new wave of technology to help booksellers improve customer service and enhance profitability.